Lucent – Oil cleaning solutions

Lucent is a Swedish company that develops and sale chemical products in two business areas: Industrial Oils and Oil Recovery. The company’s strength is the ability to tailor and customize process solutions for the oil industry using a combination of surface chemistry and thermomechanical technologies. The company formulates and develops its own chemicals used in these processes. Chemical formulas are also developed to improve conventional processes in the oil industry.


Industrial Oils
Lucent develops and manufactures process solutions and surface active products for the continuous cleaning and re-circulation of process oils used in manufacturing industries.

Oil recovery
The business area Oil Recovery encompasses the methods and processes capable of separation and recovering of oils from low quality sources. This area includes solutions for dehydration and desalination of Crude oils.

Product areas:

  • Oil purification
  • Pre coat bosters
  • Syntetic Lubricants
  • Regeneration of:
    • Rolling mill oils
    • Motor oils
    • Transformator oils
    • Lubricant oils

Product areas:

  • Demulsification
  • Desalting of oil
  • Water cleaning
  • Recycling of:
    • Slop oils
    • Sludge
    • Bilgewater
    • Oil pits lagoons