Oil Purification / Precoat Booster

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Purification of oil

Industrial process oils, such as lubricants or rolling-mill oil, become contaminated while being used. The pollutants include soot, metal particles and water and their sizes are often in the micron and sub-micron particle range. One problem is that these pollutants have a density that closely matches the density of the oil and this similarity of densities means it is difficult to separate the contaminants using gravimetric or centrifugal separation techniques.

Lucent develops and manufactures process solutions and surface active products for the continuous cleaning and re-circulation of process oils used in manufacturing industries.

Lucent Alu Treater

Lucent process and products ensure continuous cleaning and recirculation of process oils in a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly way. Lucent Alu Treater is range of products that are special developed for purification of oils. To increase performance of the industrial process, Lucent Alu Treater can be used in conventional filter systems.

The line Lucent Treater has shown excellent purification performance on a broad variety of oils, from rolling mill lubricants to oil used as insulators in transformers.

By using Lucent Treater in industrial production, production capacity has increased up to 25%. Production losses decrease up to 80% and waste decreased up to 90% in relation to conventional oil purification. Reduced wear in nozzles and valves has also been observed when using Lucent Alu Treater.

In precoat systems using Diatomaceous earth (Celite®), by adding Lucent Alu Treater it´s proved that performance has increased. Life time of the filter system, cleaner oil and reduction of precoat media with 50%.

With Lucent Treater, differential pressure increases in a slower mode and increase the cleaning effect of the precoat media.

Lucent Treater´s are environmentally friendly and are available to meet FDA requirements Lucent Alu Treater 76.

The oil that is going to be treated will be analysed by Lucent Chemicals AB ensure compatibility with performance additives prior to treatment. Customers are advised and special adaptations of the Lucent Treater products can be made on request.

ApplicationsOil Treatment

  • Rolling oils
  • Cutting oils
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Lube oils

Product data sheet of  Lucent Alu Treater.