Oil Recovery

There is lot of sources of contaminated waste oils and waters. The oils are found in collection tanks and slop oil lagoons all over the world with various contents and mixtures and could be extremely hard to treat. Those sources is in fact a valuable resource. Togeheter with our partner HEAD Engineering is Lucent offering process solutions for purification and recovery of oils from low quality sources. The company’s strength is the ability to tailor and customise process solutions for the oil industry using a combination of surface chemistry and thermomechanical technologies.

The process can recover high quality oil from a lot of various sources as:

  • Slop oils
  • Oil sludge
  • Bilge water
  • Oil pits/lagoons

The process of recover oil is divided in several steps:

  1. First step is breaking emulsions with require heat, a demulsifier and a proper mixing.
  2. The second step is to remove solid contaminants with decanters.
  3. Third step is oil and water separation with high-speed separators.

The separators produce a high quality oil, while the water from the separators may need further handling in a water treatment process. The equipment and process needed is
varying of the requirements.


Lucent is developing demulsifiers that are developed to treat these complicated oils. Read more about Emulsion Treatment here.

HEAD Engineering, which ownership is connected to Lucent,  offers consulting services to optimize an existing process as well as a complete plant ready for operation. Read more about HEAD Engineering here.

Lucent’s subsidiary Oy Phoenix Collector operates a facility for treatment of waste oil, read more about Phoenix Collector here.